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(no subject) [Mar. 8th, 2009|11:36 am]
it's lou
[music |the bird and the bee]

ooooh the sweet magic of living and loving. i'm falling more and more and deeper in love with it all...
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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2008|08:02 pm]
it's lou
there's a huge protest outside my window about a block away that is totally distracting me from watching The Bucket List. they're chanting and blocking the intersection of 20th and Walnut. I just read that Sarah Palin is having a predebate party at one of my fave bars, The Irish Pub, right now! She's a freakin block away right now. i can't get away from the damn Republican Elite. oooh this is the same bar where I met Judas Priest.

i can only imagine how loud it is to Sarah and her guests right now. i can't believe she's trying to pack 400 people in that fucking place.

they're chanting "NO MORE (something)"

...uh oh, i hear sirens.
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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2008|08:10 pm]
it's lou
i miss Alabama a little right now. it's because i haven't heard anyone say ROLL TIDE all day. it's the first game of the season. and i freaked out cuz i couldn't find the game on TV, but alas...found it!!! no beer, no BBQ, no friends tonight...just me, my odwalla bar, and some water. miss you Bama fans.
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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2008|01:12 pm]
it's lou
[Current Location |home sweet home]
[music |norah jones-come away with me]

Paris Hilton revealed to me last night in a dream that she and other celebs have to go stand on red carpets that lead nowhere and deal with paparazzi and tabloid bullshit. seriously, it's in their weekly schedules to go stand on a red carpet, all dolled-up and get talked about even when there's no event. she gave me the rundown on her drama. it was stupid.

last night i went to Warm Daddy's, a blues club. the band played an abbreviated set because they wanted to show Obama's speech. the whole restaurant watched and applauded intermittantly and at the end. it was exciting! so i decided that if i do wake up on Nov 4 and decide to vote, he'll get mine. but after having read these three books by Daniel Quinn, i was uncomfortable watching the whole politics and government thing and might feel funny perpetuating the human rule of the world. we fuck it up too much. we're ruining ourselves. we should have let ourselves continue to evolve like the other animals. ok i'm up on my soapbox.

speaking of soapbox, have you seen the ads for the Redbull Soapbox race?! i'm curious if they're just showing them in my area, or if they're in Bama too. i've seen them on FX, pandora.com, and all over town. well, today i saw two of the soapboxes circling the square. one was this sweet little UFO. anyway, i think i'm going because it's in one of PHilly's suburbs. it looks so insane!!!

tonight i'm going to a shabbat dinner party across the square with my new friend and classmate Alli. it'll be alongside the rooftop pool! i'm bringing haystacks!!!

Troll will be here in less than a week! happiest girl in the world over here...
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(no subject) [Aug. 26th, 2008|12:17 pm]
it's lou
[Current Location |Phila]
[music |bjork]

i spent the weekend in the 'burbs with my aunt and uncle where i am so out of my element. Aunt Anne is family, but i was raised to be afraid of her. then when we finally began to have a relationship, i was with my brother and/or sister visiting for x-mas getting fucked up. i don't remember what it was like. this was a tough trip because she's having some major health issues. i had to keep an eye on her so she wouldn't drop her wine glass.

Troll's oil rig trip to West Africa was put off for a couple weeks, so i suggested he come here for a minute. he booked his ticket and will be back in a week from tomorrow! i'm so happy!!! and it'll give his phone bill a short rest. anyone know how to call people through the internet?

my orgasms have been incredibly intense lately, riding those tantric waves.

i'll probably get a palm reading this week.

i'm almost done with Daniel Quinn's THE STORY OF B.

school starts next week! i can't wait to start helping people be happier.

oh my god, my sweetheart is coming all the way from Barbados to be with me!!! AGAIN! please don't tell my father.

hey, how are you? i'd really love to know.
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this is the sort of thing that happens to me at sex therapy conferences [Jun. 30th, 2008|04:08 pm]
it's lou
at my last conference, a director (Mark Schoen) was so happy to meet a jewish masturbating woman from Alabama that he gave me an unreleased copy of Betty Dodson's movie, as long as I promised to email a response to her. as you may recall, i poured out my heart and cunt to her in an email. she is my heroine, the mother of masturbation. at the opening reception at this conference, i met Betty and cried on her shoulder a little. she hugged me and gave me her Perrier. i later ran into Mark, told him that i met her and he asked, "did she realize who you are?" she really didn't... he told me that she was moved by MY email and had forwarded it to him at one point!!! so he marched me over to her and explained who i was. her demeanor changed and the hugging was back on. followed by, in her best Alabama accent, "son of a bitch...I knew they were jerkin off down there!" she liked that since my first study had started a conversation about masturbation on my campuse, my second study raised the percent of masturbators drastically. "it works!" she is the most beautiful 79 year old woman imaginable, inside and out. my lively and life-loving than most of us. as she walked on she told me, "the future is in your hands...literally!" I replied, "CLITORALLY!!!" she loved it.

I became Tantric. three workshops on tantra, and i'm hooked. i'm also now in a special interest group devoted to the practice. that night, the Council for Relationships (CFR) took about 20 of us to dinner. the master's program i'm attending is a collaboration between CFR and Jefferson. the group consisted of the director of my program, several sex therapists from the Council, one staff person, and four students from the class ahead of me. what a wonderful time! i have good gut feelings. and some nice genital ones haha.

After two workshops, i went as deep into the Quarter as i could go. we were in New Orleans. I had just been in a session, So You Want to Write a Sex Book, with two best-selling authors speaking. it turned into seasoned writers in the group complaining about their publishers and marketing and blah dee blah doo doo, so after an hour and fifty minutes i was out of there. met with the tantra SIG (special interest group) and then went to the tribute to Candida Royalle, the first female director of erotic film. she was a pornstar and then got so sick of the mechanical, predictable stories and acts, that she started Femme productions. some good hot scenes were shown. and Candida is so lovely. then i had some hot times of my (plus one other) own.

Kissed Betty Dodson goodbye on the cheek. and heard four speakers, including Betty, discuss the history of sexuality and our field.

I am in my element and ready. Any questions?
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it's time to stop the demonization of pleasure [Jun. 29th, 2008|09:52 pm]
it's lou
i feel a lot of creative energy stirring inside of me and peace with myself simultaneously.

back from the AASECT conference and only slightly peopled-out. exhausted though. i experienced a lot of love. so many emotions. i feel so inspired and blessed to have found something that brings me and others immense pleasure and joy. to connect with others in the field is affirming and wonderful.

it's hit home that i'm moving to Philly. it's time to let go and go. it's gonna fuckin rock, though i'll be fingerbanged by culture shock(er). i'll be seeing clients so soon, though! really helping.

maybe i can narrate the goings on tomorrow sometime. it went by so quickly...just totally amazing.
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slip me your D [Jun. 23rd, 2008|03:41 pm]
it's lou
and the surprise "package" i brought with me to atlanta was...Katie! the weekend was a much needed giggling-taco-fest.

what i learned:
-just because a dress doesn't cover your ass doesn't mean it's not a dress.
-breathing excercises on the toilet while holding hands with two of your girls is a surefire way of calming down a panic attack. but don't make me laugh too hard cuz i just shake more.
-sometimes brides gain so much weight after buying their dress that a diet/excercise plan isn't even a consideration: she must buy a new dress or get a really good girdle.
-sometimes new friends with free gifts come in large feline packages.
-rompers happen.
-a frontal poof=polygamist
-when drunk, it's just easier to use junior high logic
-rich indian guys will so fall for girls with tattoos

did i mention that i may be getting gay-married?! i think i'm enGAYged.
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update! [Jun. 19th, 2008|08:58 am]
it's lou
i am receiving a very lovely "package" today. more to come later. literally.

yoga with Jennifer kicked my ass the other day. in the best possible way. during the relaxation i think she hypnotized us. i giggled because i knew i was in a hypnotized state. then i changed clothes in my car in downtown tuscaloosa. it was thrilling!

i have talked to Troll nearly every day since the conference. he's totally my new best friend. sorry. and i've already read two of the books he recommended. wow, i've loved them!

getting haircut today...yay!!! then atlanta tomorrow. hope the package gets here in time...
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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2008|12:25 pm]
it's lou
oooooooooo i'm restless
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